Sunday, June 8, 2008

Welcome to Auburn Planesman R/C Flying Club

The Auburn Planesman R/C Flying Club is the premier RC Flying Club in South East Alabama. The Club is Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) Chartered Club #1580.

The club operate a full size grass airfield with a 1,900 ft X 100 ft runway about 15 miles from Auburn / Opelika, Alabama. The airfield is located in a secluded area ideal for R/C Flying. Model float planes may take-off and land from the pond beside the main airstrip.

Club meetings are held once or twice a year or as needed, normally at Auburn HobbyTown.

To contact the club, email us at: Auburn (dot) RC (at)

Or, drop by and visit Steve at Auburn HobbyTown, Flint Crossing (across from Sears / Belks / University Mall), 1550 Opelika Hyw, Suite 23, Auburn, AL 36830.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Directions to Club Airfield

Auburn Planesman operate a private, grass airfield for members and guests.

The field is conveniently located on the NORTH-EAST corner at the Intersection of Macon County Road 24 and Macon County Road 22 in Lee County, Alabama, about 15 miles south of Auburn / Opelika.

By Car:

Entrance is via Macon County Road 24 immediately north (about 700 yards) of Macon County Road 22 using the gate on the East Side.
The Gate is padlocked and members are required to close and lock the gate when they leave. GPS Location for gate: 32°25'38.15"N 85°31'7.39"W

Directions from Auburn, Alabama (Interstate 85, Exit 51):

Take AL 147 / US 29 (College Street) SOUTH past I-85, proceed to US Hyw 80.
There is NOT a ramp that goes from US 29 to US 80 EAST going south.
Immediately after passing US 80, make a U-Turn to US 29 NORTH to enter US 80 EAST Ramp.
Proceed on US 80 and Turn RIGHT on County Road 24.
You will drive past high tension wires with the 'markers' for aircraft
Just before County Road 22 (700 yards), look for Gate to enter Airfield on LEFT.
GPS Location for gate: 32°25'38.15"N 85°31'7.39"W

Directions from Phenix City, Alabama and Columbus, Georgia:

Take US 80 to County Road 24.
Turn LEFT onto County Road 22 and proceed to County Road 24.
Turn RIGHT on County Road 24 and look for gate immediately to RIGHT (700yards).
GPS Location for gate: 32°25'38.15"N 85°31'7.39"W

By Air:

From Robert G. Pitts Airport, Fly SSW 14 miles to:



Approx. 1,900ft X 100ft Grass
Warning: Only 538ft in middle of runway is regularly mowed.
Elevation: 393ft

N-S Orientation


If you intend to fly in on a larger plane than a Cessna 182, it is recommended that a ground crew be sent ahead to survey the field. C-130s or larger craft require the land owner's permission before landing / takeoff unless an in-flight emergency has been declared.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Best Time to Fly and Airfield Safety Tips

The airfield is nominally open from 7am to 7pm. Check weather before coming!

The best time to fly are when the temperatures are moderate, winds moderate, with sunny or overcast skies during the day. A glance at the field's windsock will instantly tell you when it is sufficiently calm to fly.

These conditions are most likely to occur early in the morning and late in the afternoon (2hrs after sunrise and 2+ hrs before sunset). In the afternoon, the sun is behind the backs of pilots at the main 'flight line', making for ideal visibility.

As a rule of thumb, small electric aircraft require near dead calm conditions (or indoors in an arena), while gas powered planes can tolerate winds up to 30mph or more with an experienced pilot. Jets can do even better!

On weekends with good weather and low winds, the airfield is most likely to be busy. That is a good time to come out and meet the club's most experienced pilots, who often fly on these weekends.

In the event of congestion, it is possible to separate those who fly electrics from others flying gas powered aircraft by using different parts of the airfield AS LONG AS EVERYONE VERIFIES THERE ARE NO FREQUENCY CONFLICTS.

Avoiding Frequency Conflicts

Frequency conflicts are when two or more pilots try to operate radios on the same frequency / channel. This may result in loss of control of planes that are in the air or on the runway or other mishaps.

The club manages this potential problem with a 'frequency board' where everyone checks to verify that they are not using a frequency that someone is already using BEFORE they turn on their radio(s).

If there are other people on the field when you arrive, be sure you check what frequency / channel(s) they are on first and make sure you are not on the same frequencies / channel(s).

If you are entering this hobby with a 'Ready-to-Fly' electric plane, it most likely operate on 27mhz, a frequency that is rarely used by pilots flying larger aircraft. In a few years, high tech frequency synthesized radios that pick whatever frequency is available will become commonplace, making this issue moot.

On most weekdays (except long weekends), the field is usually deserted --- especially in the morning. That is the best time to fly for beginners and smaller electric planes.

The safest time to fly is when there is no one else using the field, so there is no risk of your airplane colliding with others or frequency / channel conflicts.

And for those who worry about it, at those times, there is no one to see you put your brand new $1,000 plane into the pond or convert the ready-to-fly plane back to kit form, or see your landings that are barely controlled crashes.

The field has no facilities (bathroom, water, etc.) so be sure to be 'self sufficient'. A camp toilet is recommended for small children.

If you see animals on the field (horse, donkey, goat, children), be sure you close the gate behind you after you enter.

The last person off the field is responsible for securing and locking the gate to the field.

Enjoy yourself!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Membership Information

Cut and paste and print this application and submit with payment to Auburn Hobbytown

Name: ______________________________

Address: ______________________________

City: ____________________

State: ______ Zip: ____________

Telephone: _________________

Email: _______________

Check applicable: I prefer to receive information by email ___ AND/OR mail ___

- Club dues are $75 per year payable on or before September 1 annually.

- Payment may be made at: Auburn HobbytownUSA, Flints Crossing, 1550 Opelika Rd., Suite #23, Auburn, AL 36830 Phone: (334) 826-8216

- Club field gate key will be given out to members upon receipt of membership dues

- Non-members can be guests of a member for 2 times. Contact club to arrange a mutually convenient time.

- Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) membership is required for AMA sponsored liability insurance. This cost $28 a year for adults 19 or over, and $1 for youth under 19.

- AMA Affiliate Membership (no magazine subscription) that includes insurance is $28 per year. Open membership is $58 per year. Youth membership under 19 years of age is $15 with magazine subscription or $1 per year without. Trial AMA memberships are available for $19.95 for 3 months. AMA Membership is available online at:

I agree to abide by Club and AMA rules.

_______________ Applicant signature

_________ Date